Master Injector Removals Set- Injector Extractor



The robust construction enables rapid withdrawal, even the most severely seized injector will come out with little fuss.

The kit comes with adapters, 3.9kg weight, handle and injector extractors.

Ideal for the professional mechanic or enthusiastic DIY’er Made by professionals for professionals.

Recommended Retail Price :

• M14 x 1.5 for Delphi dalphi adaptor

• M17 x 1 for Bosch adaptor

• M20 x 1 for Denso adaptor

• M25 x 1 for Siemens adaptor

• M27 x 1 for Siemens adaptor

• M27 x 1 for Bosch injector nozzle adaptor

• Puller with M14 x 1.5P

• Piece injection nozzle socket 100L – 25, 27, 29 and 30mm (6Pt) Diesel Injector Extractor Master Set 3 X Slide hammer, 1.6KG, 160mm. 2.7KG, 460mm. 5.1KG, 600mm. Pulling claws with fork opening 13.7× 18mm, 105mm long, 12.7× 19mm, 130mm long. Slotted 1/2″ Drive sockets, 6 pt, 100mm long. 25/27/28/29/30mm. Sleeve design injector extractor with supporting shells, outer diameter 35mm, internal diameter 29mm, M17× 1.0 spindle. Pulling adapter with external thread M27× 1.0(3pcs) and M25× 1.0. Pulling adapter with internal thread M27× 1.0(3pcs). Sliding hammer adapter for inner, outer and claw extractor.

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