Floor Jack Widmann 3Ton With Rapid hydraulic Pump



  • Heavy steel structure and steel handle to ensure  stability and high strength
  • Piston ring and pump surface special treatment to    ensure durability, increase the ability to resist corrosion
  • Bullt-in safety valve protects against jack over-loading
  • Use low temperature hydraulic oil, to ensure the working   environment is not limited (-30℃~ 60℃)

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New Widmann Floor Jack Model 3 Tons Double Pump. Ultra Robust and Ultra Thin.


Robust, fully welded steel construction

Extremely low profile

Raises the vehicle quickly with a quick pump action

Cardan trigger for precise control of the descent of the load in any position of the handle

360 ° rear wheel pivot for easy maneuverability

the foam bumper prevents damage to the finish of the vehicle

Industrial Grade

Capacity 3 tons

Weight of the package 38kg.

Min: 75 mm

Max: 50 mm.

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