Case(108) (172) (216) pcs Tools Set With Ratchet


tool sets Case with wheels

Multi hand tools suitable for household and automobile repair

Recommended Retail Price :

2pc-nylon clamp
1pc-300g fitter hammer
1pc-screwdriver holder
1pc-8″crimping plier
1pc-elect tape 15Y
2pc-glue stick
1pc-glue gun

Tray 2: ( 74pcs)
10pc-combination wrench 3/8-7/16-1/2-5/16-11/32; 8-9-10-11-13mm
1pc-flexible extension bar 1/4dr*150mm
1pc-pick-up tool
1pc-1/2 Dr extension bar
12pc-hex key wrench 0.9-6MM
12pc-hex key wrench 1/16-1/4
1pc-3/8″ ratchet handle
2pc-3/8″dr*16mm&21mm spark socket
2pc-1/4″dr & 3/8″dr universal joint
1pc-Bits driver
22pc-1/4dr.socket 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14mm;??5/32? 3/16? 1/4? 9/32? 5/16? 11/32? 3/8? 7/16 15/32? 1/2? 9/16
8pc-3/8dr.socket 15-16-17-19mm; 9/16-5/8-11/16-3/4

Tray 3 : ( 39pcs )
7pc-screwdriver “+”3x75mm;”+,-“6x100mm;”+,-“5x75mm;”+,-“6x38mm
1pc-6″ long nose pliers
1pc-6″ diagonal pliers
1pc-7.5”combination pliers
1pc-lock plier
4pc-precision plier
1pc-9″ groove joint pliers
1pc-8″ adjustable wrench
1pc-6″ slip joint pliers
1pc-measuring tape

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